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Eid Ul Fitr ProgramEid Ul Fitr Program

Eid Ul Fitr Program – In a bid to ease financial stress among its citizens, the Pakistani government has launched a major initiative offering Rs. 2000 to eligible persons who have an Identity Card with SIM. This measure is a ray of hope in difficult times, especially to provide relief during the holy month of Ramzan-ul-Mubarak and Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations.

Who Qualifies for the Rs. 2000 Assistance?

Eligibility for Rs. The 2000 aid is extended to natural persons holding an Identity Document with SIM. Additionally, Urdu-speaking citizens and their children are also included in the eligibility criteria, expanding the scope of beneficiaries.

Expansion of Relief Programs & Government Initiatives

In addition to the Rs. Since 2000, the government has expanded its relief efforts through various social assistance programs, including the Ban Ramzan program. Under this initiative, eligible participants will be provided not only financial assistance but also essential provisions ranging from Rs. 25,000 to rupees. 35,000, attending to their needs during and after the holy month.Eid Ul Fitr Program

Eid Ul Fitr Program

Eid Ul Fitr Program

Efforts are being made to ensure the inclusion of all eligible persons in social assistance programmes, with special focus on providing ration bags to deserving families. The government has simplified the distribution process, ensuring that each family receives its fair share of provisions, thereby alleviating hunger and ensuring food security.

The Government’s Commitment to Social Welfare

El compromiso del gobierno con el bienestar social es evidente a través de su enfoque proactivo para atender las necesidades de las poblaciones indefensas. Al distribuir importantes reservas y activos para programas de ayuda, el gobierno pretende dar un apoyo sustancial a quienes lo necesitan, cultivando fuerza y solidez dentro de la comunidad.

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